PRECONSTRUCTION – The best money an Owner can spend. Bring the contractor to the project on day one.

1. There is no good reason to discover that a job is 25% over budget after completion of costly design documents. This can strain relationships and cost time and money.
2. We assure that your project upon bidding to qualified subcontractors and suppliers will meet your budget, quality, and schedule goals.

a. We perform an initial evaluation of project cost and schedule.
b. An estimate from 20% complete ( or schematic ) plans establishes project feasibility for desired budget.
c. The next estimate with 50% complete plans greatly narrows a range for anticipated cost. A direction for design is established.
d. Guaranteed Maximum Price ( GMP) estimate from 95% complete documents is performed next.

(1) Alternates can be used to further control the anticipated cost.
(2) The work is bid to size appropriate vendors with a proven track record.
(3) Plans and specification are thoroughly vetted to minimize subcontractor instigated change orders.

3. Value Engineering (VE) is determining an equal product for less cost or a better product for no more. The VE process begins on day one and continues throughout the preconstruction process and beyond.
4. A realistic schedule is developed and included as part of the bidding requirements.
5. Utilizes the contractors knowledge of costs, constructability issues and local market conditions.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGER (CM) – Planning, directing and most challenging, controlling the project.

1. A project delivery system comprised of a program of management services. 2. Very often includes the Preconstruction phase. 3. When the CM guarantees a maximum price and constructs the work this is called CM@Risk. 4. Services tailored to the specific needs of the project and the owner. 5. Applied to the project from conception to completion to control time, cost and quality. 6. Compensated on the basis of a negotiated fee for the scope of services rendered. 7. A highly effective platform when schedules are formidable. 8. Particularly advantageous for an owner when scope of work hard to define.


1. Provides project management during construction process. 2. Cost administration and analysis. 3. Monitoring safety, schedules, costs, changes in scope, close out and occupancy procedures.


1. We team with engineers on difficult repair projects to assist in optimizing the means and methods for repair for minimum cost. 2. We love the challenges associated with say, a pier settling in the middle of an occupied building. 3. Repair can be very disruptive to business operations and DB can tailor the process to best suit an owner’s needs. 4. We believe that properly executed the CM platform can be just as affective whether repair or a new building.


We bring personnel and subcontractors to the job who mirror our quality and service-oriented philosophy.